Blood Suckers Has The Usual Single Paylines

Blood Suckers Has The Usual Single Paylines

Blood Suckers is another fantastic NetEnt slot and one of their most famous games on the Internet. It takes a lot of vampire myth and offers an attractive and interesting subject. The standard 25 single paylines for Blood Sucker allow players to build variations across the buckets. The bet best live casino singapore limits for the game range from a minimum wager of $0.25 to a maximum wager of $50.00. - Popcorn Horror

Although the maximum bets are not as high as in other slots for $200 or more per spin, most players should still be pleased. Players wager 25 coins for each spin of $0.01 to $0.50, one for each payline. Furthermore, there are changes in the number of coins wagered from 25 to 100.

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The themes 

Blood Suckers has a distinct vampire theme, as you would expect, that portrays much of what makes this form of fiction so appealing. From the background picture of an abandoned building to the icons of the game with different vampire characteristics and associated objects. Background music also tends to make the mood haunting.

Overall, it’s a perfect challenge for Blood Suckers to introduce the vampire theme, and fans will be satisfied. We must also take account of Blood Suckers not being the newest game on the market, and its age for graphics is definitely beginning to show.

However, the visual style is sufficiently well built that you won’t notice it. In addition, the gameplay is fun enough to not even consider graphics.


The symbols play a big part in immersing you into the atmosphere of the game, as we have described. We may divide them into three groups – high pay, low pay, and special in the sphere of gambling. Small pay symbols are different things linked, in particular garlic, arm brose, the Bible and Cross, magic potion, with vampire hunting. On the other hand, there are a variety of high-paying icons, such as Vlad Dracula and Nosferatu.


The only difference is that the symbol’s pay tables are the two groups. The third group, however, contains symbols that affect your game substantially and can give you a pleasant boost. With the exception of other specials, the Wild symbol will replace every other symbol in the game. The Bonus symbol is the key to unlock the bonus game, while when certain conditions are fulfilled, the Scatter will reward you with a series of free spins.

Triple acquired

Blood Suckers has no progressive jackpots, but it has some marvelous gameplay features that will make your experience more unforgettable. One can be produced by spinning at least three spreads on rollers, irrespective of the positions of the symbols. A round of ten free spins are triggered by using the same amount per spin as the trigger bet. Any gains you receive during the free spins are tripled in value. It has the opportunity to make a decent profit for you and you can take this into account when playing Blood Suckers.

Bonus Spins.

Whenever you hit three or more Bonus symbols in a row from the leftmost reel, they will be activated. When this feature is allowed, you are taken to another computer, and you can open receptacles and destroy vampires with heart stakes.

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